Preston North End Football Club, commonly referred to as Preston, is a professional soccer team that hails from Preston, Lancashire, England. Established in 1863, it is one of the oldest football clubs in the world and has a rich history embedded in the beautiful game.

Table: Comparing Top Rivals and Achievements

TeamTop RivalsSuccessesTop Achievements to Date
Preston North EndBlackburn Rovers, Burnley2 English league titles, 1 FA CupInvincibles season (1888-1889), Double winners (1888-1889), European Cup Quarter-Finalists (1958-1959)
Blackburn RoversPreston North End, Burnley3 English league titles, 6 FA Cups, 1 League CupPremier League winners (1994-1995), 3-time FA Cup winners in four seasons (1883-1886)
BurnleyBlackburn Rovers, Preston North End2 English league titles, 1 FA CupFirst Division champions (1920-1921), FA Cup winners (1913-1914)

Team’s Most Famous Players

Preston North End has had several notable players who have left a lasting impact on the club and the sport. Some of the most famous players include:

  • Tom Finney – Widely regarded as one of the greatest English wingers of all time.
  • Bill Shankly – Legendary former player and later successful manager of Liverpool FC.
  • Alan Kelly Sr. – Highly respected goalkeeper who made over 400 appearances for Preston.

Highest Goal Scorers

Throughout the years, Preston North End has witnessed incredible goal-scoring prowess. Some of the highest goal scorers in the club’s history include:

  1. Tom Finney – Scored 210 goals in 433 appearances between 1946-1960.
  1. Tommy Docherty – Scored 188 goals in 323 appearances between 1947-1958.
  1. Tommy Thompson – Scored 173 goals in 380 appearances between 1886-1905.


Q: When was Preston North End Football Club established?

A: Preston North End Football Club was established in 1863.

Q: What are some of the team’s top achievements?

A: Preston North End’s top achievements include winning the English league title twice, the FA Cup once, and having an invincible season in 1888-1889.

Q: Who are some of the club’s most famous players?

A: Some of the club’s most famous players include Tom Finney, Bill Shankly, and Alan Kelly Sr.

Q: Who are the highest goal scorers in Preston’s history?

A: The top goal scorers in the club’s history are Tom Finney, Tommy Docherty, and Tommy Thompson.


Preston North End Football Club holds a special place in the history of soccer. With its rich heritage, top achievements, and legendary players, the club continues to inspire and make an impact in the world of football. As the oldest football club in Lancashire, Preston North End’s legacy is everlasting.

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