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The Saudi Pro League provides a thrilling stage for the evolving rivalry between Al Raed and Al Taee. These two ambitious clubs, with their contrasting styles and intertwined histories, create a compelling clash each time they face each other. This article dissects their head-to-head record, analyzes their tactical approaches, highlights iconic moments, identifies star players, and examines recent transfer activity.

Head-to-Head Stats

StatisticAl Raed FCAl Taee FC
Total Matches Played3737
Win Percentage46%27%
All-Time Top Goal ScorerMajed Abdullah (22)Nawaf Al Sahbi (15)
Average Goals per Match2.11.8

Playing Styles and Formations

Al Raed FC, known as “Raed Al-Tahadi” (Pioneers of Challenge), traditionally favors an attacking brand of football. They frequently employ a 4-3-3 formation, focused on possession-based play and exploiting the flanks. Their emphasis lies in creating scoring opportunities through quick passing combinations and individual brilliance from their forward line.

Al Taee FC, nicknamed “Faris Al Shamal” (Knights of the North), adopts a more pragmatic approach to the game. They are known for their defensive solidity and often utilize a 4-2-3-1 formation to maintain a disciplined structure. Their primary focus is on frustrating opponents while capitalizing on scoring chances through swift counter-attacks.

Historical Encounters

Al Raed and Al Taee first locked horns in 2005, beginning a rivalry marked by a mix of close contests and occasional high-scoring affairs. While Al Raed maintains a historical advantage, Al Taee has pulled off several memorable upsets, ensuring that this fixture always carries an element of unpredictability.

One such encounter took place in the 2014-15 season when Al Raed, in the midst of a title challenge, was stunned by a spirited Al Taee side at home. This shock defeat was a pivotal moment, proving that Al Taee was a threat to be taken seriously.

All-Time Top Goal Scorers

Legendary Saudi striker Majed Abdullah stands tall as the all-time top scorer in this fixture with 22 goals for Al Raed. Nawaf Al Sahbi, a modern-day Al Taee stalwart, has notched up an impressive 15 goals against their rivals.

Players to Watch

Al Raed boasts dangerous attacking threats like Julio Tavares, a clinical finisher, and the skillful playmaker Raed Al-Ghamdi. Their defensive stability relies on the experienced Mohammed Al Hussaini in goal.

Al Taee’s counter-attacking prowess is fueled by the speed and trickery of winger Amir Sayoud and the finishing instincts of striker Guy Mbenza. The composed leadership of defender Hassan Fallatah anchors their backline.

Recent Transfer History

Both clubs have been active in the transfer market to bolster their squads. Al Raed has invested in solidifying their midfield with the signings of Cristian Guanca and Mohamed Fouzair, while also adding defensive depth. Al Taee has focused on enhancing their attacking firepower, bringing in Dener and Knowledge Musona to add pace and finishing ability.


The Al Raed vs. Al Taee rivalry is an exciting testament to the dynamic nature of the Saudi Pro League. As both clubs continue to strengthen and adapt, their encounters promise to remain hotly contested affairs. While Al Raed possesses a historical edge, Al Taee’s resolute spirit and counter-attacking prowess ensure that they cannot be underestimated.

This rivalry plays a significant role in shaping the ever-evolving landscape of Saudi football, with each clash offering a mix of tactical intrigue, individual brilliance, and a determination to secure bragging rights. Fans eagerly anticipate each chapter in this story, witnessing the clash of contrasting ambitions and the unpredictable nature of a rivalry that adds even more excitement to the Saudi Pro League.

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