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In the dynamic landscape of the Saudi Pro League, a rivalry of contrasting ambitions unfolds between Al Khadoud and the storied Al Ittihad. While Al Khadoud, with its more recent rise to prominence, consistently fights for a foothold in the league, Al Ittihad, the legacy club, seeks to maintain their position among the top tier of Saudi football. This clash makes for a fascinating study in tactical approaches, spirited underdogs, and the ever-evolving power dynamics within the league.

Head-to-Head Stats

StatisticAl KhadoudAl Ittihad
Total Matches Played22
Win Percentage[Percentage][Percentage]
All-Time Top Goal Scorer[Player Name] ([Goals])[Player Name] ([Goals])
Average Goals per Match[Average][Average]

Playing Styles and Formations

Al Khadoud, often seen as the underdog in this matchup, typically employs a pragmatic and defensive approach. They frequently utilize a 4-5-1 or 4-4-2 formation, prioritizing a strong defensive structure and seeking to exploit opportunities on the counter-attack. Their midfield focuses on work rate and disrupting the opponent’s flow, while their forwards possess pace and an eye for opportunistic goals.

Al Ittihad, boasting a richer history and greater resources, often favors a more possession-oriented style of play. They often utilize a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 formation, focused on controlling the midfield, creating chances with fluid passing, and exploiting space in the wide areas. Al Ittihad possesses a wealth of attacking talent, with skillful forwards and creative attacking midfielders.

Historical Encounters

While Al Ittihad holds a significant historical advantage in their head-to-head record, Al Khadoud has, on occasion, demonstrated the ability to upset and secure hard-fought points. These fixtures frequently feature determined defensive displays from Al Khadoud and flashes of attacking brilliance from Al Ittihad, creating a dynamic and unpredictable clash of styles.

All-Time Top Goal Scorers

Unsurprisingly, the all-time top scorer in this rivalry comes from Al Ittihad. [Player Name] has proven to be a consistent threat for the Jeddah-based club, with [Number] goals against Al Khadoud. Due to Al Khadoud’s focus on defensive resilience, it lacks a standout scorer in this specific fixture.

Players to Watch

For Al Khadoud, their spirited midfielder [Player Name] embodies their work ethic and tactical discipline. Additionally, look for [Player Name], the pacy forward, to utilize his speed on counter-attacks.

Al Ittihad features several star players who could make the difference in this match. [Player name], the clinical goalscorer, and [Player Name], the creative midfield maestro, add significant attacking threats. Experienced defender [Player Name] shores up their backline.

Recent Transfer History

Al Khadoud has focused on reinforcing its defensive structure and adding depth. [Player Name], a defensive midfielder, and [Player Name], a versatile defender, were brought in with immediate impact in mind.

Al Ittihad’s recent signings are focused on augmenting their attacking power. [Player Name], a proven striker, adds another goal threat, while [Player Name]’s creativity in the attacking third can unlock stubborn defenses.


The Al Khadoud vs. Al Ittihad rivalry represents a microcosm of the Saudi Pro League’s exciting landscape. On one side, a legacy team with lofty ambitions fights to maintain its dominance, and on the other, a plucky underdog seeks respect and survival. While the historical record favors Al Ittihad, Al Khadoud’s determination and defensive discipline ensure there’s always the potential for an upset.

This rivalry is a testament to the unpredictability and drama that can arise from clashes of vastly different resources and playing philosophies. Each time these teams meet, it’s not just a contest between two clubs, but a captivating chapter

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